The Zen of Seeing.

Initially inspired by nature and the environment in which I live and travel, whether on land or boating, I immerse myself in the essence and mood of what I see, allowing that energy to come through in the images; and the paintings which I feel most passionate about when working  seem to  appeal most strongly to the viewer. It is a form of communication and sharing. Appreciating language and the power of words, I also enjoy titling a piece and  find just the right quote or line of poetry comes to me as I work .

When not painting directly from nature, I like to begin with abstract washes and allow images or symbols to emerge or arise from the unconscious mind. These are images that I interact with as they grow and develop, one concept leading to another sometimes bringing quotes and phrases to mind, as in “The Many Faces of God”. (available as a giclee print).  Beginning with the concept “God is Light”, this imagery builds on the universe, mother earth  and the four elements. It incorporates many of the symbols through which people attempt to know and name the divine presence; the tree of life, man & woman, the dove, the eagle, the cross, the menorah, shiva, and the angelic presence.

When painting I am totally immersed in the process losing all sense of time, and this awareness of the power of creativity is closely linked to my work in art therapy and the connection between art making and emotional healing.

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  • Kirsten Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • River Gallery, Fir island, WA
  • A.R.T. Fine Arts, Bellevue, WA
  • Gallery One, Ellensburg, WA
  • Ryrie’s, Tahoe City, CA
  • Gallery Mac, Seattle, WA
  • Oak Hollow, Yakima, WA

Juried Shows & Awards

  • Northwest Pastel Society
  • Skagit Artists Together
  • Northwest Marine Show
  • Allied Arts, Yakima
  • City of Yakima – Purchase Award
  • Central Washington State Fair – Best of Show 1981
  • Bellevue Arts & Crafts Show
  • Artists of Central Washington


  • Memorial Hospital, Yakima WA.
  • Rotary, Yakima WA
  • Yakima Symphony WA
  • Childhaven, Seattle WA
  • Pacific Northwest Opera WA
  • Skagit Symphony WA
  • Skagit Valley Cancer Car


  • Margaret Carpenter, Seasons of Change, Coleman Publishing, New York (1984) – art/poetry
  • Marky Daniel, Discovery Passage – illustrations
  • Shields Bag & Printing, Yakima, WA (1988) – calendar
  • Yakima Symphony Orchestra, Yakima, WA (1989) – poster
  • White Pass Ski Area (1993) – poster
  • The Art of the Inner Journey,  2014