HOPE for a changing world

HOPE for a changing World
It is easy to be discouraged when listening to the news, reading of local and global tragedies, hunger, starvation, lack of safe drinking water, hurricanes, droughts, racial hatred, laxity of moral standards, overcrowded prison systems, the corruption that comes through power and greed, not to mention the state of the planet and recognizing the fragility of the ecosystem, the list is endless. But if positive change is to happen we have to look to the bright side, nurture hope in ourselves and others, and work for positive change in whatever small way we can.
“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love” Mother Teresa
This image was part of a much larger experimental piece that I was about to tear up when the circle caught my attention. I began to look at it more closely and interact with the image, as I did it became a metaphor for our changing world. All I saw at first was darkness, destruction, chaos, pain and suffering, but then I saw a reaching nurturing hand, a concerned face in shadow and enough light to penetrate and overcome the darkness. Only then did it gradually become a mandala for hope.